Nov.16 Day4

Spelling week nine study!

Language skills PG.39

st math J91

Social studies Ch 11 test open book

Wear red white and blue


Nov. 14


Spelling Week 9 – Study

Language skills p. 35 A, p. 36 B

Read Being a Writer essay pp. 70-72 and indicate claim, reasons, evidence

ST Math 40% due Dec. 8

6R Math – MM80 (1,3,5)

Nov. 8

ST math is an assignment every night this week and next for anyone below 30%

Vocab Surge – 5 sentences for lesson 11

Science – Google Classroom assignment due Fri.

BYOD tomorrow for work on Egypt projects

Nov. 3

We have many students falling far behind the ST Math progress goal which is 30% by Nov. 10.  Please help us by making sure students are doing ST each night for 15-20 min.  If your child is at or above the goal, please disregard.

Language Skills book pp.31-33 due Monday

6R Math – everyone must do ST; J74 (1-3)

Egypt research due Monday

11 kids owe Putnam permission slip