Read 30 min

westing game

children’s book due monday

city states signs due tomorrow


Feb 13

Writing- Impactful person presentations Wed

6R Math MM 185 Only 4

V Day box bring tomorrow

Feb 8, Day 1

Read- 30 mins

Spelling- Week 16, test Fri.

LS/VS- None

Reading- None

Writing- None

6R math- None

SS- None

Science- Bring free reading book

Valentines Day boxes due Wed.

St Math- 70% by Feb. 23

February Flip grid 1eebfc due Feb. 23

February 1

Read 30!

Week 15 spelling test tomorrow

Language review pages 70-72 due tomorrow

Book group pages and Google Classroom question

6R Math WS 7-9

January Healthy Habits calendar and tumbling routine due tomorrow

Band slips